Horses are faster than men. Horses are dumber than men.

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We will absorb this experience, it will change us…

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wait but do you use my name or my url?

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Dobby’s first and last words.

You know what fuck this gifset

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I’m afraid Will opened a door inside himself. No one knows if it closed again, especially not Will. 

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A sword’s small payment for a life,” Mormont concluded. Take it, I’ll hear no more of it, is that understood?

Yes, my lord.” The soft leather gave beneath Jon’s fingers, as if the sword were molding itself to his grip already. He knew he should be honored, and he was, and yet…

He is not my father. The thought leapt unbidden to Jon’s mind. Lord Eddard Stark is my father. I will not forget him, no matter how many swords they give me. Yet he could scarcely tell Lord Mormont that it was another man’s sword he dreamt of…
                — Jon Snow; A Game of Thrones

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tag me in random stuff bc it makes me happy uwu

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It’s like Peter is his lost innocence personified. Will fights for him so fiercely not only for the sake of this man but for the sake of himself. By saving Peter from all-consuming corrupting shadow that follows that stalks that pries on this boy’s innocence he may save himself from his own? Peter mirrors everything Will used to be, strange, unfitting, crooked piece but before corrosion started. Watching what is being done to Peter is like watching everything that happened to Will in slow motion on the outside by himself. Replaying the events with someone else cast as people involved. Peter still can be saved, Peter is hope, and so he is beacon of salvation for Will. If he endured  what was done to him maybe Will can to - walk out of it untainted, unmarked, whole? Will prevents the corruption from being completed in Peter, he’s there before transformation twists Peter into someone he is not but forced to be. Like a message to self that no matter how deep the shadow reached, no matter how toxic the sickness in you becomes (that “it” Will has in him),  as long  as you hear the birds, read people’s faces, see their hearts and feel it all on your skin you remember who you are and you can go back to the start. Or can you?

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Robb Stark is dead. Sorry, I know he was like a brother to you, but my father put a knife through his heart. 

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I took your life and then tried to give it back to you. I find the womb and place you inside. I hope that the forces of death and biology will bring you rebirth.

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